Run Hedgehog powered by SONiC on Dell PowerSwitch cloud networks

by | Jan 16, 2024 | Blog, Features

Looking for an easier way to run SONiC on Dell PowerSwitch devices?  Hedgehog makes it easy to run SONiC with an automated software appliance that includes SONiC.

If you have been following this blog the last few weeks, you have downloaded Hedgehog and experimented with our virtual lab.  You have learned how Hedgehog works, exercised our API, and maybe even configured your own VLAB topology.  Now it’s time to run SONiC on some real equipment.  

Hedgehog includes SONiC that runs on Dell PowerSwitch

If you refer to our release notes, you see that we currently support these Dell PowerSwitch devices in specific roles:



  • Dell S5232F-ON
    Dell PowerSwitch S5232F-ON running Hedgehog Open Network Fabric powered by Dell Enterprise SONiC

    Dell PowerSwitch S5232F-ON

    Dell PowerSwitch S5248F-ON running Hedgehog Open Network Fabric powered by Dell Enterprise SONiC

    Dell PowerSwitch S5248F-ON

Hedgehog SONiC Certification

What does this mean?  It means that we procured these devices, installed them in our Hedgehog test lab, and thoroughly tested Hedgehog Open Network Fabric powered by SONiC on fabrics featuring these devices in these roles.  Our fabric includes SONiC bundled together with our Hedgehog controller in a software appliance that is easy to download, install, and run. 

We have run a number of tests, including but not limited to:

  • Boot support on all port configurations
  • SONiC functionality
  • Dataplane verification
  • Auxiliary features like PoE
  • Advertised feature compatibility
  • Fabric compatibility and basic performance testing


We incur the cost of test equipment and spend a lot of time and energy on automated test procedures.  We do this so you know you can run Hedgehog on this equipment.  We recover our cost if you purchase a support subscription and neither of us have to address many support tickets.  

It also means that you have a choice of topologies for the workloads you are supporting.  You can configure and run a 25GbE fabric for general purpose compute, or you can upgrade to a 100GbE fabric for more demanding workloads.

For more information on how to install, configure, and run Hedgehog Open Network Fabric powered by SONiC on Dell PowerSwitch devices, please refer to our documentation.    

Marc Austin

Marc Austin

Marc Austin is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Hedgehog. Marc is a fox who knows many things and a hedgehog who knows one big thing. As a Hedgehog he knows that millions of cloud native development teams will use Hedgehog open network fabrics to deploy their apps on distributed cloud infrastructure. As a fox he knows many things from his experience leading mass-scale automation strategy at Cisco, Internet of Things networking at Jasper, digital media delivery at Amazon, mobile application development founding Canvas, the birth of smartphones at AT&T, early mobile ride sharing founding Mobiquity, internet search at Infoseek, e-commerce at Internet Shopping Network and leading people through adversity in the United States Army.