Download Hedgehog Open Network Fabric powered by SONiC

by | Jan 2, 0224 | Blog, Features

Here’s a brief summary of how to download Hedgehog Open Network Fabric powered by SONiC.   

  1.  Go to the Hedgehog home page
  2.  Click the purple DOWNLOAD button.
    screen shot of DOWNLOAD button on Hedgehog home page
  3.  Accept the terms and conditions.  This is really pretty simple.  Just give us your email address, name, and company name.  We will add you to our Design Partner contact list, which we will use to notify you of new software releases.  We will also give you a Slack channel and a support portal so you can communicate directly with the Hedgehog team.  
  4.  Check your email for a message from Hedgehog.  The email will give you a Github personal access token to download Hedgehog as a GitHub Package.  Giving you the software as a GitHub package just makes it way easier for you to download, install and run Hedgehog Open Network Fabric. 
  5.  Reference the download documentation.  It’s pretty simple.  You just sign into Githhub, then download the package. 
  6.  You’ll have the option to install Hedgehog either as a virtual lab, or on physical infrastructure.  We recommend you start with the virtual lab, get familiar with all the product concepts, ask some questions of our team, and then prepare your physical infrastructure for installation.  You’ll probably want the Hedgehog team to help you write your wiring diagram for your first installation, which we are happy to do until we have built you a viable cloud design tool that generates the diagram for you.  More on that topic later.  
Marc Austin

Marc Austin

Marc Austin is the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Hedgehog. Marc is a fox who knows many things and a hedgehog who knows one big thing. As a Hedgehog he knows that millions of cloud native development teams will use Hedgehog open network fabrics to deploy their apps on distributed cloud infrastructure. As a fox he knows many things from his experience leading mass-scale automation strategy at Cisco, Internet of Things networking at Jasper, digital media delivery at Amazon, mobile application development founding Canvas, the birth of smartphones at AT&T, early mobile ride sharing founding Mobiquity, internet search at Infoseek, e-commerce at Internet Shopping Network and leading people through adversity in the United States Army.