AI needs a new network


Hedgehog is the AI Network

hedgehog ai cloud network software runs on leaf switches, spine switches and gateway servers through hedgehog control nodes
AI cloud builders choose Hedgehog
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Fast Job Completion

You need your AI training and fine-tuning workloads to run fast, and inference should feel human.  AI creates network congestion with large east-west flows between GPUs in back-end compute networks.  Congestion and packet loss reduces effective bandwidth and extendes job completion time.  Network latency can kill the AI user experience.  

High Performance Network

Reduce job completion time for training and fine-tuning with high effective bandwidth in a lossless network.  Delight users with low latency inference.  The Hedgehog data plane manages congestion and adapts routing in backend GPU fabrics with RoCEv2, ECN and PFC for optimal AI network performance. 


Easy Operations

Data center networks are hard to operate, especially with specialized technology like Inifiniband.  Finding Infiniband engineers to run your AI cloud network is difficult and expensive.  You really just want to run your AI infrastructure with your existing cloud operations team. 


Cloud User Experience

Hedgehog offers a cloud user experience that is familiar to any cloud operations team.  No specialized network engineers required. Multi-tenant cloud services look just like AWS, Azure or Google Cloud Platform.  That cloud UX starts with a virtual private cloud service in your front-end network for north-south traffic to your GPU cluster.  Hedgehog connects with the internet and other cloud service providers with gateway services for transit, load balancing and security.   

certified network engineer using command line interface is not easy hedgehog cloud services working with big 3 cloud services is easy

Reasonable Cost

High performance AI networks are currently only available from one vendor, and they are really expensive.  You'll need a small army of specialized network engineers to run it, too.  


Open and Automated

Network like a hyper-scaler with Hedgehog.  Our open source software gives you the freedom to buy network equipment from multiple vendors whenever you need it.  Hedgehog automates all your network operations so your opex is low, too. 


See Hedgehog in action


Watch this 3 minute video to see installation and configuration of a cloud network for multiple tenants.  Hedgehog CEO Marc Austin demonstrates using the Hedgehog software appliance to install, boot and configure a secure cloud network.  He then uses the Hedgehog API to provision Virtual Private Cloud services for two tenants, and he demonstrates multi-tenant isolation.


Try the Hedgehog virtual lab

Use the Hedgehog virtual lab to run a cloud network on your own virtual machine.  No network hardware required.  Just download Hedgehog and follow the virtual lab instructions.