Safe Secure Travel

Today’s travelers insist on reliable transportation that is 100% safe and secure. From check in to boarding and landing, AI infrastructure can identify security threats, predict maintenance, reduce delays, and get people from point A to B faster and safer.

Hedgehog Distributed Cloud Infrastructure Supports:

  • AI assisted security screening
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Auto piloting
  • Autonomous driving
  • Traffic safety systems

Certified Platforms


Transportation systems need to ensure the highest levels of safety while allowing passengers to travel with the fewest inconveniences. This requires low latency security assessments including real time biometrics, traffic minimization and optimal traveller routing. In addition, local maintenance systems leverage big data, machine learning, and performance analysis for equipment and parts.

Edge compute pods are comprised of dense servers, GPUs and local data storage, and are largely hands-off to minimize the need for local engineers. They can be dynamically reconfigured based on business need and use a common device sparing model to simplify hardware replacements.

Large data centers are the backbone of any organization that requires a large amount of compute. Operators seek the efficiency and economics enjoyed by the major hyperscalers, but they can't afford to hire a large team of engineers and developers.

Hedgehog Open Network Fabric creates physical networks that can be operated with your existing Cloud Native tools. Because Open Network Fabric uses SONiC as a network operating system, multiple vendors can be considered, opening up supply chain options.

How Hedgehog Helps

Hedgehog creates physical networks with a range of different deployment options to match each location’s technical requirements.

Hedgehog Modernizes Data Center Networking

Hedgehog Open Network Fabric eliminates the need for proprietary networking software and specialized network engineers. Cloud infrastructure teams can operate their own infrastructure with cloud native software and eliminate brittle proprietary operations tools.

Hedgehog Helps You Deliver Edge Network Services

  • High performance networking for AI, compute, and storage
  • Predictable and reliable capacity expansion
  • Supply chain flexibility
  • Lower cost of equipment
  • Decreased staffing requirements