Conditions de soutien

Hedgehog offers support for a multi-vendor, open, stable, secure, and automated SONiC distribution and Open Network Fabric. Our software development team optimizes the best SONiC available on a device. We test, certify, and secure it for deployment in a variety of environments. Our open-source Kubernetes open fabric operator orchestrates SONiC deployment and configuration for a variety of use cases. We meet customers where they are at and work to improve their network management experience through SONiC and open fabric. Buying our support ensures we can provide enterprise-level support from your mission-critical deployments to blue field test labs.

The support process involves an escalation hierarchy where tickets move from the support team to engineers or developers, ensuring issues are addressed by the appropriate team members. Customers will receive regular updates throughout the process until their issue is resolved.

Accord de niveau de service

Initial Response Time SLA – Sev 1 1 hour – Available 24/7
Initial Response Time SLA – Sev 2 24 hours – Available 24/5
Initial Response Time SLA – Sev 3 15 days – Available 9/5
Coordonner avec les fournisseurs de matériel pour SAI fixe

All our source code is open and licensed under Apache2.

Zero Day Configurations

At Hedgehog we understand the need to keep up with the latest networking advancements. To enable this level of innovation we strive to provide support for zero day configurations. Meaning for devices and software immediately upon release.


Certification des dispositifs

If you want to deploy Hedgehog Open Network Fabric on a device not currently on our certified device list, you may request certification. The certification process duration and potential costs (if any) will be communicated to you upon request.

Certification des caractéristiques

Feature certification follows the same process as device certification. We partner with various vendors to ensure compatibility and to deliver quality support.


Hedgehog SONiC Nodes may include physical servers (baremetal, Kubernetes, or virtualized), switches, routers, or smart NICs. For example, in a Kubernetes cluster setup, all these devices function as nodes in the cluster, managed by the control plane.

Source ouverte

Any third-party software, which is commercially available from an open-source provider or considered as a “hardened release”, having been tested and offered by commercial providers identified by and including Hedgehog, and is certified on the Hedgehog Open Network Fabric Hardware and Device Certification List located at  Hedgehog commits all code added or modified during Device Certification to the open source community.

Temps de réponse

The amount of time between when you open a support ticket and when a Hedgehog Support Engineer first responds and lets you know they’re currently working on it.

Niveaux de gravité

Severity level is determined mutually by the Hedgehog support team and the customer, based on the impact on business operations. For example, if your entire network is down, it would be categorized as a Sev 1 – Urgent issue.

Heures ouvrables normales

9h00 à 17h00 à votre heure locale les Jours ouvrables pour l'exécution des Services. Les jours ouvrables sont les jours de fonctionnement généralement acceptés par semaine dans le pays où les services sont exécutés, à l'exclusion des jours fériés locaux observés par Hedgehog.

Interface d'abstraction de commutateur

SONiC s'appuie sur l'interface d'abstraction des commutateurs (SAI), qui définit une API normalisée. Les fournisseurs de matériel de réseau peuvent l'utiliser pour développer des plates-formes matérielles innovantes capables d'atteindre des vitesses élevées tout en conservant l'interface de programmation à l'intérieur du réseau. ASIC (circuit intégré spécifique à une application). Microsoft a ouvert SAI en 2015. Cette approche permet aux opérateurs de tirer parti de l'innovation rapide en matière de silicium, d'unité centrale, de puissance, de densité de port, d'optique et de vitesse, tout en préservant leur investissement dans une solution logicielle unifiée sur plusieurs plateformes.

Dernières nouvelles

We provide a seamless process for warm updates, especially in bug fix scenarios. You can upgrade the flawed container with the new code without data plane downtime.